Eco Edge Materials

The Carton Edge International / Eco Edge™ System includes, Eco-Edge High Speed edging machine (Models 500S & 500HM), a variety of cutting edge materials and your choice of standard or custom blade profiles.    

Cutting Edge Material Choices:


  • Clear PLA   (bioplastic)      Eco-Edge
  • White PLA  (bioplastic)      Eco-Edge 

             Eco-Edge: Renewable, Sustainable, Recycleable


  • Metalized Plastic (APET)
  • Clear Plastic       (APET)
  • White                (APET) 

                                         Carton Edge supplies rolls of cutting edge materials that can be used interchangeably on any machine. Rolls of material can be supplied two ways: 1) with pre-glued pressure sensitive adhesive 2) un-coated rolls for use with a glue system installation. Each roll is designed for optimum compatibility with Eco Edge™ blading machines. With material production facilities in Europe and the United States, Carton Edge has the flexibility to respond to any customer requirement while maintaining supply chain optimization and minimizing our carbon footprint.




Blade Profiles:

The Eco Edge™ System allows for a variety of cutting edge tooth profiles which are specifically designed to optimize performance for cutting household films, foil and papers.

SCALENE - The patented scalene tooth profile is one of the most efficient blade designs developed for the household roll dispensing market. Available in either 14 or 20 tpi (teeth per inch) profiles, the teeth point outwards from the center of the carton affording easy cutting for right or left handed roll dispensing. A much - improved cutting action. 

STANDARD - The standard tooth profile (20 tpi) is the more traditional tooth design found on many household cutter boxes worldwide. For a more aggressive cut, a 14 tpi profile is available upon request.

Depending on the application requirements, we can design blade profiles to suit individual customer requsts. Send us your drawings. All material choices will run with any tooth profile design.

Our machines are manufactured in Europe by Koenig & Bauer Duran

The Eco Edge 500S / 500HM
The Eco Edge™ High Speed edging machine is the fastest, most flexible and economic cutting edge application machine in the market today.   With the ability to process up to 14,000 cartons per hour on a continuing basis, Eco Edge™ machines are used in high speed packaging facilities by integrated film, foil and parchment paper producers, carton suppliers and contract packaging facilities. Designed for single person operations, the Eco Edge™ 500S or 500HM facilitates production scheduling while minimizing labor costs.

New for 2019 - Eco-Edge system with Glue System Capability. Blading system now capable of applying coated / PSA or uncoated blade materials.