Carton Edge has an unwaivering commitment to provide environmentally sustainable solutions for the brands we serve. Our exclusive PLA / Bioplastric cutting edge, which is currently made from corn, is annually renewable / sustainable and enables film and foil cartons to be recycled rather than landfilled.

By allowing for the removal of hundreds of millions of cartons from landfills annually, we enable retailers and brand owners to deliver environmentally responsible products to their customers and thereby enhance their core equity.


  • Stacked end-to-end, these paper edges would circle the globe nearly 4 times.
  • 27,000 tons of foil cartons could be recycled annually in North America, equivilent to:

                 ► 730 trash truck loads, or

                 ► 89,100 cubic yards in landfills 


did you know...?

  • An estimated 500+ million consumer foil cartons are disposed of each year in North American landfills


  • 87% of US households have access to curbside or dropoff recycling programs


  • Over the last 9 years an average of  63.4% of the paper used in the US was recovered for recycling. 2015 reached 66.8%. The goal for 2020 is 70%


Source: American Forest and Paper Association,